It’s no secret that with our profession’s lengthy history also comes a significant body of knowledge to be familiar with. Sifting through all of this information on your own, worrying about whether or not you are doing something correctly, or if you are using the correct products with the correct materials can be daunting and stressful. Luckily, our experts at Ace Masonry are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, and we are proud to offer our expertise to any project. To find out more, stick with us as we tackle the most common questions about masonry that we have received in our tenure. 


Masonry is a popular feature of the Saskatoon urban and residential landscape.


But, what are we referring to when we say, “masonry”? We certainly aren’t referring to any members of alleged international orders that have been established for mutual help and fellowship and who hold elaborate secret ceremonies…or are we? No, when we say “masonry,” we are referring to the following types of work:


  • Brick Laying
  • Chimney building and repairs
  • Laying stone
  • Cement repairs
  • Cement coatings
  • Installation of veneer stone or faux stone finishes
  • Poured concrete stairs and walkways
  • Concrete or stone driveways


This list is extensive but not exhaustive. Masonry exists all around us. It takes many different forms and is applied, especially to our urban landscapes, in interesting, varied, and infinitely creative ways. Masonry is one of our oldest crafts, and over its long history, there have been many masters. 


How does Saskatoon’s weather affect masonry work? 


If you’re from Saskatchewan, you know that the weather is a real force to be reckoned with. Our summers can be extremely hot and dry; when it rains, it pours; and, when fall ends, you know what that means, “Winter’s coming.” With everything from deep freezes to extreme heat waves, it’s important to know how your stone and brick will perform in the natural elements common to where you live. Here are a few reasons to consider using brick and stone building materials in Saskatoon.


  • Masonry does not burn.


Can masonry work increase my home’s curb appeal?


Masonry curb appeal front lawn


Interestingly, brick and stonework are not new additions to human being’s varied list of building materials. Our oldest human structures are built from stone. True, this speaks to the enduring strength of this building material; however, it also speaks to the aesthetic appeal of masonry. From the historic look and feel of a cobblestone street, to a motion toward all that is contemporary, stone masonry seems to be timeless in its ability to maintain its space in our homes despite ever-changing tastes and designs. 


Can masonry work be done inside my house?


Absolutely! Bringing stonework inside our homes is a popular stylistic upgrade. One of the advantages of using stone inside your home is the vast array of materials that you suddenly have access to. Polished concrete, brick, limestone, various forms of locally sourced rock, the possibilities seem endless. Masonry has the ability to add to the mood and feel of your home, the textural variation within your home, and to your home’s style and aesthetic value. Because of what seems to be our innately human connection to stone materials, masonry will always be both current and classic. 


Here are 5 other ways to use masonry inside your home.


  • Brick, tile, or stone backsplashes: A brick, tile, or stone backsplash is timeless and durable. Originally a common feature in old kitchens, this durable and warm material is once again in favour. If you’re interested in installing a new backsplash, consulting us can give you an expert finish, leading to a long-lasting, beautiful kitchen. 

  • Stone accent wall: A stone accent wall can function as a beautiful focal point in a room in your house. When combined with shelves, it can bring tactile and textural elements to your home’s interior.

  • Lit stone bathroom wall: The bathroom is a great place to incorporate masonry . Using lighting, you can really showcase the texture of the stone you choose to adorn your bathroom walls with. This can bring intrigue and atmosphere to your space.

  • Stone flooring: Brick and stone are also used in flooring applications. The strength of these materials are major pro’s when it comes to flooring. Plus, by opening your home to brick and stone, you gain access to many different types of these materials, like marble, travertine, granite, slate, limestone, and more. Also, this type of floor is going to stand up to the use of a busy household or establishment.

  • Make the fireplace the centre of your home. Adding stone or updating the existing stone to brick, for example, can add aesthetic value to your home. Point of interest: If your home has an original brick fireplace, it’s highly likely that your fireplace is load- bearing, and that your home was constructed around your fireplace as a focal point. Use brick, rock, tile, and granite in compliance with all building codes to update the facade of your home’s fireplace.


There are environmental/eco-friendly reasons to consider masonry too.


Brick and stone can increase your home’s energy efficiency. As thermal mass materials, brick and stone absorb heat during the hottest time of day and the hottest months of the year. This helps keep your home cooler when the temperature outside is hotter. Perfect for the summer months. During the cooler times of the day, and into the fall and winter months, brick and stone provide excellent insulation from the colder outdoor temperatures. This means that you are using less energy to cool your house in the summer, and less energy to heat it in the winter. Even adding brick and stone veneers can increase your home’s thermal mass!

Not only can brick and stone increase the thermal mass of your home, making it more energy efficient, these materials also rank amongst some of our more sustainable building products. Bricks, for example, are made from some of the world’s most common natural resources and can be constructed purely from local materials. This means they do not need to travel across vast distances, reducing the amount they contribute to pollution. Also, as we know, brick and stone last a long time, like a ridiculously long time. This means fewer updates, which is easier on both the environment and the wallet. Brick is also an eco-friendly choice for the following:


  • Brick can be made from recycled material.

  • There is less waste when building with brick.


How does the price of masonry work compare with the cost of other materials?


When it comes to cost, there are compelling arguments for going down the yellow brick road. Because of the strength and durability of masonry materials like stone, it requires less upkeep and replacement. While the cost to install a cheaper material like vinyl will be less at the outset, its lifespan is significantly less than that of masonry work. The initial costs of incorporating brick or stone into your build or renovation can be a deterrent; however, the benefits outweigh these initial costs through time. You will save on heating and cooling, masonry offers increased resilience from fire and flooding, and the lifespan of brick and stone amount to savings over the long-term.


Our top 5 reasons to add masonry to your home.


  1. Strength and durability: Strength and durability means that these materials can save you money on repairs.
  2. Environmental: Bricks, for example, can often be sourced locally and are made from materials that are plentiful in nature.
  3. Fire protection: Bricks and stones are far less flammable than wood, increasing your home’s protection against fire.
  4. Energy efficiency: Using materials like stone in the construction or renovation of your home can make your home more energy efficient. Increasing your home’s thermal mass, bricks and stones, keep your place cool during the hot summer months and warmer during the cold winter months.
  5. Aesthetic: As humans, we have a longstanding relationship with masonry. Building and finishing projects with brick and stone has never gone out of style.


Add timeless stone or brick to your home today. 


From the exterior into and through the interior of your home, incorporating masonry can deliver on a number of important aspects of homeownership. Oftentimes sought after for its aesthetic appeal, the worlds of brick and stone, offer homeowners, contractors, and renovators access to timeless adornments. These ancient, stylish materials don’t stop there, though. Masonry is also often praised for increasing the energy efficiency of a home, as the materials masons work with are often thermal mass materials. Coupled with the durability and accessibility of materials, working with Ace Masonry is also an eco-conscious decision that can save you money. From the hot dry summer, through the cold, howling winter winds, masonry offers shelter, style, and efficiency. Contact us today.